Online Scammers Hurt People In Multiple Ways

   Damn scammers!
   Yes, you heard me right. Damn those scammers.
   These days, it seems like dating sites, many Facebook groups, and other online social sites are riddled with fake profiles run by scamming operations. It’s infuriating and very hurtful. It also costs society a lot of money.
   The US Federal Trade Commission says it logged reports of 21,000 romance scams costing an estimated 143 million dollars in 2018. Think about that. $143 million in one year, and that’s just romance scams. There are many other types of scams going on these days. Plus, consider how many more victims were too embarrassed to admit that they had been duped by a scammer.
   In addition to monetary losses, scammers take a heavy toll on people emotionally and psychologically. It interferes with our ability to find new friends or real romance by affecting our trust in online social sites and people in general. How many individuals have given up on even trying to improve their social situation because they seem to keep running into scammers? As a terribly lonely person myself, I can attest to how infuriating and hurtful it is to keep running into scammers when I’m just trying to find a friend.
   So, be careful when online. Don’t reveal important information to individuals online you don’t truly know with 100% certainty whether they are real or not. And even if they are real, hackers can steal data. While many scammers are pretty easy to identify, some are very clever. Plus, when you are lonely, it’s easy to ignore the red flags that you are dealing with a scammer because you want to believe it’s real.
   Dating sites, social sites, and other online groups can be quite helpful. But be careful and protect yourself from scammers too.

People Need To Use Critical Thinking And Seek Out Different Points Of View

   Remember folks, think independently, whomever you are and whatever your background. Don’t blindly follow anyone because frankly, there’s been a lot of that going around these days on all sides.
   Today, we have access to vast amounts of information, available at our fingertips! All it takes is a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and bam, an endless amount of knowledge is right there to explore and learn. It’s incredible when you think about it!
   The problem is that while there is a wealth of amazing, accurate information out there on the internet and social media, there is a lot of bad information too. Compounding the problem is the way too many people only use sources that tell them what they want to hear and only listen to one leader or organization instead of getting different points of view. This can distort and blind them from understanding the real situation and the truth.
   Get information from a variety of independent, reputable sources. Strive to learn about and explore different points of view. Get outside your comfort zone. Expand your horizons. Also, remember to use critical thinking. Double check, hell, triple check facts, sources, and ideas! Recognize that not everything you discover is accurate. Some things are exaggerated while others are just downright false. By using different, independent sources and thinking critically, you are much more likely to get a better, more accurate understanding of the subject you are delving into. Don’t automatically believe something simply because you want to believe it, for there is a very real chance that it may not be true at all.
   So think for yourself!
   Open your mind and broaden your horizons!
   Strive to be an independent, renaissance person.
   I think you’ll find that the world is a much more fascinating place and life an increasingly amazing experience if you do.