Putin’s Brutal Authoritarianism Has Renewed The Cold War

Feb 27, 2022
   I have great admiration for the courage and strength that Ukrainians are showing in fighting against Vladimir Putin’s vicious, brutal aggression. They are inspiring people around the world in the way they are standing up for freedom and democracy against great odds.
   Vladimir Putin is clearly a barbaric, ruthless authoritarian autocrat who for years has had a reputation of being cold blooded and calculating in his quest to enhance and expand his power. He has imprisoned and killed political opponents as well as established significant control over Russian media. It’s also become quite clear how he desperately wants to reestablish as much dominance and control over former Soviet republics as he can because he views the dissolution of the Soviet Union as a catastrophic event. Another factor that is likely playing a role is that Russian power in the world has been decreasing while that of other countries such as China has been rising. But what is more disturbing is how it seems Putin has become increasingly unhinged, desperate, and likely surrounded by individuals who never disagree with him. It’s obvious that he has despised and fumed at seeing an independent Ukraine which has become more democratic and closer to the European Union while growing increasingly distant from Russia. This toxic soup of Putin’s led to his seizure of Crimea in 2014 and his instigation of Russian separatists in the Donbas region. These actions pushed Ukraine even closer to the West and more distant from Russia. And now we have Putin’s brutal, unwarranted Russian invasion, a blatant move of bloody aggression as he attempts to impose even more dominance and control over Ukraine. Furthermore, what’s also dangerously disturbing is that considering Putin’s attitude regarding former Soviet republics (don’t forget that he already seizured part of Georgia), it’s obvious that he doesn’t intend to stop with Ukraine.
   We all need to unite against this senseless, vicious, bloody brutality and rally to Ukraine’s support. I’m glad the United States, NATO, and other countries are imposing serious sanctions to punish Putin’s Russia. The international community must isolate Russia as much as possible and make it the pariah that it has become. And nations need to send as much aid as they can to Ukraine in the form of weapons, ammunition, and humanitarian supplies to help the Ukrainian people as they battle Putin’s tyranny.
   It’s clear that a renewed cold war has now descended upon the world, and it will be vitally important for as much of the international community as possible to work together for as long as it takes to minimize the damage Putin can inflict upon the world.

US Intelligence Officials Warn That Russia Is Meddling In The 2020 Election

Well, well, well, there are reports from multiple news sources that US Intelligence Officials recently warned elected leaders in a closed door meeting that Russia is currently meddling in the 2020 election with the purpose of helping Donald Trump get reelected.

No surprise here.

Apparently Russia is also trying to help the Sanders campaign as it tries to spread division and discord in this country.

The reality is that Russian cyber assaults have never stopped. But now they are focusing on the upcoming election.

While Sanders is recognizing and criticizing Russian efforts, it’s disturbing how Trump has not held Russia accountable and has even denied Russian interference occurred in the 2016 election despite the fact that every single American Intelligence agency says Russia did.

We need leadership from the White House to coordinate efforts to stop this, but such leadership appears to be severely lacking.

Hopefully the Intelligence Community will still try their best to counter Russian interference anyways; though, without proper leadership and coordination from the Administration, their efforts will not be as effective as they could be.

We all need to be careful about what information we share on Social Media because false information being planted on Facebook and other platforms is a major tactic Russia is using.

Double check information from independent, reputable sources before sharing posts. Be especially careful with controversial or outrageous posts.

Just because you want a post to be true, doesn’t mean that it is.

We must all be vigilant in trying to minimize the damage Russian meddling might do.

We, the American people should choose our next president.

Not Russia.