I Think Trump Is Setting The Stage To Possibly Try To Steal The Election

   It is quite clear to me that Donald Trump is trying to win the election at all costs, including stealing it if that is what it takes. I believe he has already started the process.
   He has been ruthlessly attacking mail in voting even though mail in voting has been done for years effectively and quite securely by the military and a number of states. Cases of fraud have been at minuscule rates of 0.0025% or less.
   Now he is assaulting the United States Postal Service, and his head of the service began removing public Post Office boxes in several cities. The timing of this is beyond suspicious. In the opinion of many, this appears to be part of the Trump Administration’s efforts to suppress the ability of people to vote, particularly by mail.
   As to why he is doing this, I think that is quite clear. Trump is not doing well in the polls. He seems to fear that many of the people who want to mail in their ballots will vote against him. So he appears to be trying to suppress these potential votes in his effort to win the election.
   This is cheating. Worse than that, it goes against democracy itself.
   Bluntly put: in the opinion of many people, Donald Trump is in the process of attempting to steal the election.
   Whatever your political views, this is abhorrent, unethical, and downright unAmerican. It goes against the very foundation of our democratic way of life. It is the behavior of authoritarian leaders and tyrants.
   All Americans should be disgusted and speak out against these horrendous tactics. There are times when partisan politics should be set aside and people should stand up for what is right and against what is wrong.
   This is one of those times.