Arrested Giuliani Associate Apparently Claiming Rep Nunes Met With An Ex-Ukrainian Prosecutor Trying To Get Dirt On The Bidens

Several articles indicate that arrested Giuliani associate Lev Parnas may have information that could cause complications for Republican Representative Devin Nunes. Nunes is a senior member of the House Intelligence Committee. In the article, Parnas’ attorney says his client is willing to testify to Congress. Apparently, Parnas is ready to claim that Rep Nunes had meetings with a former Ukrainian prosecutor about trying to dig up dirt on Biden and his son.
I can’t say if these allegations are true or not, or if true whether they were illegal or not. But they could cause complications for Nunes and his role in the Congressional investigations on the Ukrainian situation. And in my opinion, if true, they sound at the very least, questionable and underhanded.
Links to the articles are included here.

Dr Fiona Hill Gave Powerful Testimony At The Impeachment Inquiry

Dr Fiona Hill, an official who is also an expert on Russia, gave strong testimony at the Impeachment Inquiry Thursday (11-21-19). I think she was clear, nonpartisan, and confident with a bit of ice breaking wit added to the mix. She withstood some ridiculous attacks from Republicans as they clearly tried to defend Trump.

   It appears to me that at the time, Dr Hill saw that a political agenda was going on from Trump Administration officials in the Ukraine situation which went against appropriate national security diplomacy. Dr Hill indicated that she was also concerned at the time that national security itself could potentially be compromised by the goings on.


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Lt Colonel Vindman’s Testimony Appears Damaging for Trump

Lt Colonel Vindman’s testimony at the Impeachment Inquiry reinforces what other witnesses have said in regards to the Trump/Ukraine situation. It is looking increasingly clear to me that there was wrongdoing on the part of Trump. That Donald Trump was threatening to withhold Congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine in order to put pressure on the Ukrainian President to dig up dirt on a Trump political rival, Biden. In my opinion, such actions are serious, unethical, and wrong. There are times when partisan politics should be laid aside. Protecting our freedom and the United States Constitution should be more important.