It’s Earth Day! And We Have A Long Way To Go In Battling Climate Change!

   Human Caused Climate Change is here!
   It’s too late to prevent it.
   It’s here!
   What makes this even more tragic is that scientists have been warning everyone about this for decades. But most ignored it.
   Well, it can’t be ignored any longer!
   The effects of Climate Change are here now.
   CO2 levels are rising. This, along with other gases, is creating the greenhouse effect which is warming our planet.
   As a result, glaciers and the polar ice caps are melting, thus raising ocean levels. Mountain snowpacks are getting smaller in winter since more precipitation is falling as rain instead of snow. This means that water problems will likely worsen for areas that rely on the spring melt for their drinking water, places such as California and India.
   Weather patterns are changing so that some areas are seeing a greater number of intense storms while others are getting drier with more droughts. The latter is why we are seeing worsening wildfires. For example, California and Australia were already prone to wildfires before, but as they get hotter and drier, they are experiencing wildfires that are greater in terms of number and intensity.
   These are just some of the effects we are seeing from Human Caused Climate Change.
   Now, it’s up to all of us to work together in battling it to try to minimize the damage.
Each one of us must make changes in our daily lives to be more pro-environment. Examples include using public transportation, carpooling (after COVID), driving vehicles with better fuel efficiency, recycling, decreasing use of plastic (take permanent reusable bags to the grocery store, and if you use plastic bags, take them back to the store for recycling (plastic bags can’t be put in curbside recycling in most places)), and educate yourself. Spread the word too. Put pressure on businesses and organizations to become more pro-environment.
   In addition to these, vote!
   Vote for elected officials who acknowledge Human Caused Climate Change and are taking action to fight it.
   Vote out Climate Change deniers.
   If we all take action, we can slow Climate Change down and minimize the damage.
   But we must act now!