Time To Start Working Together To Heal This Divided Nation

   Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the presidential election. That is very clear, yet Donald Trump has thus far refused to concede and is making baseless, destructive accusations of fraud.
   The United States is deeply divided to a scary, unhealthy degree with people, organizations, and political parties not trusting each other and often even hating one another. It’s hurting our nation. Donald Trump has exacerbated these divisions throughout his time in politics and the presidency.
   It’s no surprise that Trump is making unfounded claims of fraud despite having no evidence for it. He has been sending clear signals for months that he would act like this if he lost.
   Thing is, it’s really hurting our nation.
   The severe divisions and hate plaguing our country have been going on for too long and have gone too far. The United States needs to begin the process of healing. People need to start listening to one another again. Talk to one another calmly, respectfully, and rationally.
   Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election fair and square. Donald Trump needs to concede that he lost and work with Biden in the process of transitioning from the Trump Administration to Biden’s.  Donald Trump’s supporters need to accept that Trump lost legitimately. No one stole the election.
   It’s time for everyone to start working together so that we can begin healing this nation.