12-5-20: The Leading Cause Of Death In The US Right Now Is COVID-19

  Cold weather is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it is a rising tide of COVID cases, especially in the United States. To anyone paying attention to what has been going on, this should come as no surprise. As a matter of fact, right now, the leading cause of death in the United States is COVID, with a person dying of the dangerous virus every 30 seconds.
   Think about that: every 30 seconds, a human being dies of COVID-19 in the United States, and we haven’t even seen the full effects of the surge of new cases that is coming due to people ignoring medical advice and having big Thanksgiving gatherings.
   As of December 5, 2020: 280,634 people have died of COVID in the United States. At the rate the US is going, by April 1, 2021, there is a very real chance that number will be over 500,000 dead which would be more than the 418,500 Americans who were killed in World War 2 (and that’s the entire war, both fronts).
   Now, consider how the United States as a whole has done a terrible job in trying to deal with the COVID pandemic. The Trump Administration has grossly mishandled the crisis with confusion, incompetence, false information, and a lack of coordination coming from the White House. States have in many ways been left to their own devices in battling the pandemic far more than they should have been. Their tactics have varied with some being more effective than others. The result has been a kind of ad hoc, patchwork approach instead of a coordinated national strategy. On top of this is the fact many Americans (including Donald Trump) are still not taking this pandemic seriously and frequently disregard social distancing and mask wearing guidelines.
   As a result of this confused quagmire of a response, it is no surprise that we are now seeing record numbers of cases throughout the country, and tragically, it will get worse. Many more people are going to die.
   Each and every one of us has a responsibility to do our part in combating COVID.
   Practice social distancing and mask wearing whenever you are in public. Educate yourself in what you need to do in fighting the pandemic. Avoid big crowds, especially when indoors. Do not have big holiday gatherings. Period. Holiday celebrations should be restricted to only those who live in the household already. No one from the outside should be there.
   Remember since people can carry the virus without even knowing it, this is more than keeping yourself safe. It’s about keeping everyone you come in contact with safe as well.
   By working together, we can get through this.
   It’s up to all of us!



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