Vicious Hate Spewed Against Gov Gretchen Whitmer At Trump Rally

   Let’s get one thing out of the way. I’m an Independent politically and don’t blindly follow anyone or anything. I look at the evidence and make the best decisions I can. With that said, I must tell you that we all need to unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the upcoming election.
   I realize this sounds like some political ad, but it’s not.
   The thing is: we cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump. The country really can’t. We must vote him out of office, and the only way to do that is to unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because the next president will be Trump or Biden. That’s a fact. Third party presidential candidates have zero chance of winning of this election. Zero. Worse is that supporting one splits the anti-Trump vote and thus helps Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, people voting for third party candidates in 2016 is a significant part of how Trump got in office.
   We all know how horrendously bad a president Donald Trump is. And when it seems he can’t sink any lower, he does. The FBI recently foiled a plot set up by domestic far right extremists (terrorists) who were planning to kidnap Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. During the Trump years, it has been clear that white supremacists and other far right hate groups have been emboldened by Donald Trump’s horrible rhetoric and by the fact that Trump won’t condemn them. Now consider that at a recent rally, Trump went after Whitmer using outrageous claims and boldfaced lies. Trump followers then started chanting “lock her up.” Think about that. Domestic extremists were planning to kidnap her, yet malicious hate was spewed directly at her at a Trump rally that occurred so soon after.
   What has happened to this country?
   The venomous hate and lies permeating the United States have gone too far. It is clear that Trump’s sickening rhetoric, actions, and lack of action are significant factors in exacerbating (and at times creating) the hate, division, and viciousness infesting America today.
   The United States should be better than this.
   Whatever your political views, it’s clear that the Trump Administration is hurting the United States to an extremely serious degree.  We must unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to vote Trump out of the White House. We also need to vote a Democratic majority to both Chambers of Congress in order to start trying to repair the damage being done to this country by Trump and numerous other DC Republicans.
   It’s time to start working on restoring decency back to this country.

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