Serious Questions About Trump’s Taxes And Business Dealings Abound

   The recent revelations on Donald Trump’s taxes by the New York Times reveal deeply deceitful, unethical tactics and schemes to avoid taxes as much as Trump can get away with.  While I suspect some illegal acts have been part of this, I can’t say that for certain, for I don’t have access to all the information and am not a tax expert. But at the very least, they show how conniving, underhanded, ruthless, and disreputable Trump is willing to be to try to get what he wants.
   In addition to things like claiming very questionable deductions in terms of his taxes, there are numerous reports of his duplicitous, unscrupulous business tactics as well, like using various suspect schemes to try to avoid paying back lenders. A number of his businesses apparently have lost and are currently losing large amounts of money, such as his Washington DC hotel and numerous golf courses. It’s also being reported that huge loans, in the realm of hundreds of millions of dollars, that he has personally guaranteed, will be coming due in the next few years.
   This situation of questionable tax and business dealings on top of massive debt frankly makes Trump a security risk as countries and organizations could blackmail him to get him to do what they want. There is genuine concern this may be a reason why he seems to go out of his way to be friendly to Russia and Turkey. Could be a big factor in why he suddenly abandoned our Kurdish allies in the Middle East, a sickening betrayal that benefited Turkey and Russia.
   Now consider all the lies Trump tells, his gross mishandling of the COVID pandemic, his attacks on the free press, his unfounded assaults on mail in voting, his xenophobic hurtful rhetoric, his disgraceful bullying performance in the first presidential debate, the list goes on and on.
   The conclusion is that Donald Trump is clearly not fit for the office of President of the United States.
   We must vote Trump out and Biden in. We also need to vote a Democratic majority to both Chambers of Congress.
   We need to bring decency back to the federal government and start working to repair the terrible damage Trump and others have done to our nation.

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