Time For Washington DC To Change Its NFL Team’s Nickname

   I’m going to admit that personally, I’ve never been into watching football or the like. Just not my thing, but I realize that it’s a big deal to many people. A way to escape everyday life and enjoy yourself. And that is definitely important.
   What I’m talking about here is the Washington, DC football team’s nickname.
   Folks, the term “redskin” is very insulting and racist against Native Americans. Just look at history to see how the word has been used in the past as a derogatory, racist slur. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was known to be used by white Americans, or Europeans, who were hunting Native Americans in order to kill them, often collecting scalps as proof. Add to that, all the other betrayals, abuse, violence, and suffering Native Americans have had to endure since Europeans began arriving on North American shores and anyone should be able to see how wrong and hurtful it is using this term as a professional sports team’s nickname.
   It is way past time to change it.
   To find a nickname everyone in the community can support and get behind. Maybe have a naming contest where people can submit ideas. Turn the process into a fun, unifying event.
   However it is done, Washington needs a new nickname for its NFL football team.




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