With The Pandemic Going On, Nationwide Mail In Voting Is Essential

   American citizens 18 and over have the Constitutional right to vote. This is one of the fundamental principles of democracy in the United States.
   Another thing is that Americans should be able to vote safely.
   We are going through a pandemic with COVID 19, and an effective, widely available vaccine will probably not be available until next year. Thus, the virus will still be around this November, and we don’t know how much control we’ll have over it. As a matter of fact, many scientists are concerned that there will be new spikes in infection rates when cool weather returns.
   Right now, the number of people who qualify for mail in (absentee) voting varies from state to state. In some places, any adult can do so while in others many people can’t. Those who can’t are required to show up at their polling station in order to vote.
   With COVID 19 out there, many medical experts are recommending all voters nationwide vote by mail to avoid spreading the infection at polling stations where crowds of people would be gathering and standing in close proximity to each other.
   Makes sense. Everyone mailing in their vote would be much safer and help more people exercise their Constitutional right to vote!
   A major problem is that many Republicans, including Donald Trump, oppose this idea.
   They claim mail in voting would be ripe with fraud. But the evidence does not back this up. Mail in (absentee) voting has been done for years in many states and the military without any significant problems with fraud.
   The real reason why so many Republicans oppose nationwide mail in voting is because they fear large voter turnout. They are afraid that more people voting would hurt them and help Democrats. It is not a coincidence that Republicans around the country have closed many polling stations in poor areas. It’s because people who are poor are more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican.
   This is a form of voter suppression. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist or an extremist. I’m looking at the evidence. Research it yourself if you don’t believe me. But use independent, varied sources in doing so to be as accurate as possible. Don’t just use sites that you know will tell you what you want to hear.
   Folks, suppressing people’s right to vote is disgraceful, undemocratic, and goes against what the United States is supposed to be about. American adults have the Constitutional right to vote! And we should all be able to do so safely.
   With the ongoing pandemic, nationwide mail in voting makes sense. Everyone should be able to vote and do so safely.
   We all need to speak out and demand our elected officials fight for nationwide mail in voting!
   American adults should be able to vote and do so safely!

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