Miss Staten Island Banned From Parade After Coming Out As Bisexual

Madison L’Insalata is a brave young woman. She was crowned Miss Staten Island and was going to march in the Staten Island St Patrick’s Day Parade which pageant queens traditionally do.
   She made the courageous decision to publicly come out as Bisexual and planned on marching in the parade showing her true self representing Staten Island and the LGBTQ Community.
   But within hours of coming out she and another pageant queen who had supported her were informed that organizers had banned the two from marching in the parade.
   This is yet another example of disgraceful, deeply hurtful prejudice that Bisexual+ and other LGBTQ people face all too commonly these days.
   It’s the 21st Century!
   Time for everyone to educate themselves and open their minds!
   Prejudice and discrimination is wrong and must end!
   Shame on the parade organizers for their disgusting, outdated behavior!


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