Sobering Report On Future Effects Of Human Caused Climate Change

The Center for Climate and Security Institute, a nonpartisan organization, has released a very sobering report on the current and projected effects of Human Caused Climate Change on our planet.

The planet is now 2°F warmer than before the 19th Century’s Industrial Revolution. While to some that may not seem like much, as an average, it is quite significant. The polar icecaps are melting at a startling rate. The melted ice has to go somewhere, and this raises the ocean levels around the planet. We are already seeing changing weather patterns with more extreme storms, a greater number of droughts that are more intense, and of course wildfire outbreaks that are worsening in terms of numbers and severity.

Coral in the oceans are bleaching and dying at a troublingly rapid rate, and waterfront communities big and small are and will be facing worsening flooding problems.

In numerous areas of the world, including India and California, melting snowpacks from the mountains provide a large percentage of the drinking water communities rely on. As temperatures rise, the snowpacks will get smaller with the result that significantly less water will be available for collection during the spring snow melt.

Because of these and other impacts, we could see population shifts as some areas become less and less hospitable. There will be greater strains on societies that would likely lead to increased instability and conflict both within nations and between nations.

It is clear that Human Caused Climate Change is affecting us now and has the potential to have serious widespread implications for our future.

In order to minimize these effects, we must take action now by making changes in our daily lives, putting pressure on businesses and organizations to be more environmentally friendly, and vote in elected leaders who will fight Climate Change.

It’s too late for prevention. Climate Change is here! Now we must deal with the results and try to minimize the damage.

It’s up to all of us…

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