Prejudiced Kentucky School Expels 15 Year Old Girl Because Of Rainbows At Her Birthday Party

I’m so sick of prejudice! A Louisville, Kentucky private school expelled a teenaged girl because she had a rainbow birthday cake and a rainbow emblom on her shirt at her turning 15 birthday party. A party that was held at a restaurant off school property. Apparently, the private Christian school found out after the girl’s mother posted a photo of the innocent happy gathering on social media.
   The school then expelled her apparently because rainbow images can symbolize the LGBTQ Community.  The school indicated this was the “final straw” and not in line with their values.
   The girl may or may not be LGBTQ. If she is LGBTQ, that is her right, and how she lives, particularly outside of school, should not be the business of the school. Besides, prejudice against someone just because they are LGBTQ is horribly wrong and frankly repugnant.
   Even if what the school did was technically legal, it is morally and ethically wrong.
   To me, the school’s actions appear to be a clear case of prejudice against the LGBTQ Community.
   This sort of prejudice and discrimination is abhorrent and morally reprehensible.
   Shame on those running the school for using religion to excuse their disgraceful bigotry and prejudice.
   I hope the girl is ok.

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