Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake Asks The GOP What Would They Do If This Was Obama Instead Of Trump

In a USA Today article, Jeff Flake (former Republican Senator) asks the question of his previous GOP Colleagues in the Senate: What would they do if Obama did the things Trump has.
Trump did wrong here. It is quite clear that he threatened to withhold Congressionally approved aid to Ukraine in order to pressure them to dig up dirt on Biden, a Trump political rival.
Then, he obstructed Congress by trying to stop White House officials from testifying before Congress when they were subpoenaed.
Also wrong.
If a Democratic president did these things, Republicans in the Senate would be chafing at the bit to convict. But since it is Trump, many won’t even admit that Trump did wrong.
This is disgraceful and scary for our country.
It appears to me that many Republicans and Trump followers are putting partisan politics above the Constitution and above the country.
This is not what the founders of the United States would want.
There are times when everyone should put partisan politics aside and do what is right.
To stand up for the Constitution.
This is one of those times.
It’s scary that so many people don’t want to admit that.

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