Trump Administration May Be Holding Up Funding For A CDC Study of PFAS In Drinking Water

It appears that there may be a dispute going on between the CDC and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) over a CDC study on the effects of PFAS.  PFAS are chemicals which are used in the production of non-stick cookware, water resistant clothing, food packaging, carpets, and military firefighting foam. They are apparently unregulated  and are contaminates in the drinking water of millions of Americans.
The CDC wants to study the potential effects of this contaminated water to see if people drinking it are being harmed.  But the funding of the study is apparently being held up by the OMB.
Is the hold up an example of typical bureaucratic red tape, or is it another instance of the Trump Administration trying to quash science that Trump doesn’t like?
I am concerned it may be the latter.
In my opinion, it is sickening and hurtful to everyone the way the Trump Administration has been ignoring and at times trying to suppress scientists and scientific evidence. We could all end up paying the price. This USA Today article goes into more detail.

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