Be Careful What You Feed Your Pet This Holiday!

I know during the Holidays when you’re eating lots of good food, it is so tempting to treat your pets as well, especially dogs!
They look at you with those pleading eyes, and you can’t seem to resist!
But be careful, many pets get sick during the Holidays because they eat food that upset their GI System.
If your pet is on a prescription diet, do not give them any table scraps! None!
If your pet is on normal over the counter food and is healthy, still be careful.
Do not feed pets any bones!
Not one bone!
Don’t feed them hot, spicy foods!
Do not feed them things such as chocolate, coffee, caffeine, almonds, macadamia nuts, raisins, grapes, garlic, onions, chives, anything with xylitol in it, or raw/undercooked meat.
For a healthy dog or cat, a little boneless, cooked turkey is probably just fine. Lots of dogs enjoy that. Though be aware that some pets have sensitive GI tracts so that eating things outside their regular diet can potentially cause GI upset.
So, have a nice Holiday, and be careful what you feed your pet!

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